Meet The Artist

My name is Patty Reagan and I have lived in Three Rivers, Texas all my life.  (Population 2000).  It's located half way between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  Because our town is so small, I have to take my art work to a larger market such as Junior League and arts and crafts shows. Every year I pray for something new for these shows and one morning I woke up knowing that this one was to be called "The Rock of Ages Series".  My first thought was, what is that Lord because I had never worked with rocks before.  However, the project evolved after helping a young man with rock art for the local county fair.  With rocks all over my dining room table I began to put them together like puzzle pieces and no matter what I tried to do, angels, crosses, and hearts kept appearing.  Sometimes I even knew their names as I was creating them.  I have many wonderful stories where, by name association, many of these angel crosses went to the right homes.

The rocks come from everywhere; friends, little children, even total strangers have given me their rock collections and many have invited me to look for rocks on their land.  I have been drawn to some really unusual rocks from all over the country but mostly from Live Oak and McMullen Counties in South Texas.  I make  natural rock angels on wall crosses, rectangles, and hearts.  Some of my biggest  sellers are little guardian angel shoulder pins made of natural rock .(not shown on line  but available).  I have never never seen this type of abstract art done before and I know that none of this was just by chance.  It is a  very special gift from God who took me from a rocky road to the "Rock of Ages".

"Angels & Things" - Box 1488 - Three Rivers, TX 78071 

Patty Reagan - Artist Ph: 361-786-3154