Rock of Ages Private Collection

Patty Reagan - Three Rivers, Texas         

One-of-a-Kind Natural Rock Art Angels on Wood Crosses!

These works are all special in some way and are not for sale

"Madonna in the Shadow of the Cross "
Made from lightening struck sandstone
"Cheyenne Warrior"
One of my all time favorites




"Little Raven "
I created this Indian maiden as a mate for the Cheyenne Warrior.
"Padre Pepper"
The first Padre I ever created




"Two Into Bethlehem "
This is Mary and Joseph and if you look very closely you will see the face of Jesus Christ in the little baby blanket rock.
"The Light of the World"
Notice the face of Christ looking up.




Meet The Artist

"Angels & Things" - Box 1488 - Three Rivers, TX 78071 

Patty Reagan - Artist Ph: 361-786-3154